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Virgin Area: Turkey

  • Turkey is one of emerging markets in cryptocurrency,
  • Average daily trading volume is at between $700.000.000 – $ in Turkish exchanges.
  • Turkey is ranked as the 4th all around the world in terms of user activities in,
  • Interest in Bitcoin and the number of investments in Turkey increase everyday.

Our advantages are listed below:

  • Our area of expertise is only the cryptocurrency ecosystem,
  • Qualitfied, new & updated contents,
  • The most visited website in Turkey,
  • A great majority of Bitcoin users in Turkey visit İlkBitcon everyday,
  • All İlkBitcoin’s readers include also Bitcoin users, and 72% of our readers trade at least 8400 Bitcoins in a one-year period,
  • +50,000 views per day
  • +1.550,000 views per month,
  • Our Alexa ranking is approximate 3k “tr”/ 140k “global”
  • Our organic followers: Twitter 28,5k – Instagram: 14,7k – Facebook 17,2k – Telegram 5,3k – Google NewsPinterestFlipboard

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Updated on: 23.01.2021

Why Turkey Is Important?

According to a report published by ING, Turkey is the biggest country around the Europe in terms of cryptocurrency knowledge and ownership. (Source)

  • – No License for PayPal in Turkey, 45% Say Bitcoin ‘The Future’ (Source)
  • – Turkey Is Not Gonna Go Cold Turkey on Bitcoin (Source)

Also, according to recent research conducted by BtcTurk and Istanbul University, 19 percent of Turkish citizens have an ‘advanced’ knowledge about Bitcoin and using it frequently.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain is one of the most rapidly growing market in Turkey

Daily trading volume exceeds 18.000 BTC’s in Turkey’s digital coin exchanges.

Apart from the cryptocurrency websites, main stream media also has a positive attitude towards digital coins. Hence cryptocurrency community is growing in a good pace.

How Can We Work Together?

  • We can work on press releases in Turkish and reach your brand to greater audience in Turkey.
  • We can list your coin/token on our website, and show it on top of the list.
  • Banner advertisement can be handled easily with options such as 1280×90, 768×90, 120×600, 360×300 and stickies are available.
  • We can help you reach-out to other cryptocurrency websites in Turkey that we think would be beneficial for your company.
  • We can translate your website into Turkish

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Source: Yandex Metrica 29.12.2020 update
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